" Thenetshield " is a Security Consulting Company specialising in

Penetration Testing, Network Penetration Testing, Web Application Security Testing, Vulnerability Assesment, Malware Analysis, Social Engineering, Source Code Review

The Net Shield

About Us

The Net Shield is a Penetration Testing company. The company has been formed by a team of industry professionals with the aim of providing improved and most importantly thorough and appropriate security testing.

The team at The Net Shield are very passionate about their work and want to ensure that the client has the best information and presented in a cutting edge deliverable to ensure optimum knowledge to the right audiences.

How We Work

The Net Shield knows how to keep the wrong people from getting to the sensitive places in your computing infrastructure. We were the first, solely dedicated, vendor neutral, ethical hacking company in India and have developed a unique operating style.


We know how to keep a secret with each client, The Net Shield enters into a non-disclosure agreement. Typically, a non disclosure agreement includes reports, plans, accounts, documents, drawings, machines, writings, samples, tools, etc.

Mission & Objective

Our mission is to render every database based transaction safe, secure and simple. We aim to transform the internet security industry by infusing professionalism and a never before seen efficiency.

Work Process

Project Discussion

Our Services

Yep ! We are expert in below services

Penetration Testing

Testing is conducted with the help of automated scanners, scripts against the application.

Network Penetration Testing

Testing will typically be performed from a number of network access points, representing each logical and physical segment.

Web App Penetration Testing

Testing is conducted with the help of automated scanners, scripts against the application.

Research & Development

Our research efforts have also dwelled into projects on Web Application Testing, Vulnerability Assessment, Malware Analysis, Website Testing, Network Security Testing etc.

Vulnerability Assesment

Our specialised pen testing team use a combination of vulnerability scanning tools to identify any vulnerabilities which may be present and provide you with detailed information on how to mitigate the threat to your organisation.

Social Engineering

An organization's security is only as strong as its weakest link - Social Engineering assessments are used to establish that strength.

Malware Analysis

We use diffrent types of Scanners and approaches to identify malwares your application or system is facing.

Source Code Review

This is a highly comprehensive review intended to find security breaches and violations, bugs and other issues.

Few MoreServices


System hardening means securing and configuring a system in such a way that it reduces its surface of vulnerability to a great extent.


SIEM primarily deals with real-time monitoring, event correlation and notification, while providing long-term storage, analysis and reporting of log data.


If you are looking at a team of experts to help design an effective Security Operations Center for you, then you've come to the right place.


A quick and efficient response to an attack on your network can save an untold amount of time, money and staff hours. We are 24/7/365 Eye for your business.


We are an integrated technological solution to keep pace with the rapidly-flowing millions of banking transactions and detect fraudulent transaction.


Cyber forensics can be defined as the process of extracting information and data from computer storage media and guaranteeing its accuracy and reliability.

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